Astor Piazzolla

Welcome to the only official showcase on the history, works and life of one of the most controversial and great authors and musicians of the last century.

No one like Aldo Pagani, friend and manager, can tell the world who Astor Piazzolla was.

Since the 1970s, when few were ready to understand Piazzolla's music and genius and when the Argentines held him responsible for a nefarious distortion of their national music (el Tango), Maestro Aldo Pagani has made every effort to make Piazzolla's music known worldwide as it is today.

Thanks to the great and continuous dissemination work that Pagani has carried out and to the countless high-level productions that it has always edited and sponsored, today we can enjoy a vast catalog consisting of recordings, scores and transcriptions that is always growing, thanks also to the contribution of all the fans who every day interpret or adapt Piazzolla's music to their own style.

Our site, in constant evolution, has the aim of increasing and spreading knowledge, towards those who already love Piazzolla, and towards those who look for the first time on the boundless and eternal artistic production of the Argentine genius. Happy surfing!


Remember Astor Piazzolla

Astor Piazzolla passed away on 4 July 1992. No one better than Aldo Pagani, and A. Pagani, has lived in full the incredible career of the argentine genius, from the beginning to global success. Today we want to celebrate him with this historical shot that belongs to our precious archive. Ciao Astor!

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